Orders should be sent to Randal Henly, ISTA Science Shop, 81 Offington Avenue, Dublin 13. Official orders from schools and other institutions may be invoiced, but payment must accompany other orders. Postage charges (for Ireland) for single items are given after each item. For two or more items, postage charges are as follows: €1 to €9.90 (postage €3 ); €10 to €20 (postage €5); above €20 (postage €7). Postage charges for orders to elsewhere on request. To check on stock and for further information,


The New Resourceful Physicist - Keith Gibbs
Details of 600+ ideas and experiments for teaching physics. €16 (+€7 postage). If included in a bulk order add another €2 for postage.


Practical guide to health and safety in primary science. Irish edition of the well-established book of the same title published by the Association for Science Education. A4, 40 pages. €8 (+ €2 postage).
Rates of Reaction, ISTA Chemistry Committee.
Experiments, background information, list of resources and ideas for teaching the topic A4, 72 pages, €1 (+ €1.50 postage).
Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, ISTA Chemistry Committee;
Experiments, background information and ideas for teaching the topic A4, 58 pages, €1 (+ €1.50 postage).
Organic Chemicals in Everyday Life, ISTA Chemistry Committee;
Experiments, background information, chemical statistics,  and ideas for teaching the topic A4, 136 pages, €2 (+ €2.50 postage).
Junior Certificate Science Worksheets 2, Junior Science Sub-Committee
A selection of photocopiable worksheets and puzzles on a selection of syllabus items - specifically for the pre-2002 syllabus, but many items still appropriate; A4, 28 pages, €1 (+ €1.50 postage).
Famous Scientists Charts
Set of three A1-size laminated charts, showing Robert Boyle, William Parsons and Robert Praegar and their accomplishments. €1 per set (+ €2.20 postage).
School Science Crossword Puzzles,
Henly, 32 photocopiable crosswords for a selection of levels with suggestions for use. All answers given. A4, €4 (+€1.50 postage).
Ideas and Experiments for Teaching Physics
Henly. A collection of 200+ hints and tips on experiments and laboratory organisation culled from 40 years of teaching physics to all levels. A3, 52 pages. €6 (+ €1.50 postage).
Ideas and Experiments for Teaching Chemistry
Henly. A collection of 200+ hints and tips on experiments and laboratory organisation culled from 40 years of teaching chemistry to all levels. A3, 52 pages. €6 (+ €1.50 postage).

Crossword Puzzles for Science Teachers, 27 crossword puzzles involving a wide range of science disciplines. All answers given. €3 (+ 77 c postage).

Fools’ Gold (Iron pyrite, FeS2)

This mineral's metallic lustre and brass-yellow hue have earned it the nickname fools’ gold because of its resemblance to gold. 80 g pack. A useful resource for the chemistry lab. €2 (+ €1 postage).


For demonstrating wave motions (and also as a fun item to ‘walk’ down stairs). Several types available: 
Standard metal Springy, €3.50 (+€3.40 postage)
Mini Springy, €1 (+ €1.50 postage)
Rainbow Springy, €3.50 (+€3.40 postage) 

Colour-changing Egg

Useful for showing that mixing the three primary colours in different proportions can produce a multitude of different colours. €4 (+€3 postage)

Groan Tube

Ideal for demonstrating the concept of weightlessness when an object is in free fall €1 (+€7 postage)

An essential item for the physics lab. for demonstrating the formation of a virtual image by concave mirrors €5 (+€5 postage)

Light-up Kinetic Wheel
A scientific toy that illustrates magnetism; the wheel stays on the rails even when it is on the underside of the rails €3.20 (+ €3.40 postage)

Magic Growing Tree
The ‘blossoms’ that grow on these trees are the phosphates of copper, chromium, cobalt and zinc. These crystalline compounds are formed by the ion-exchange reactions between the metal ions (already present in the cardboard ‘leaves’ of the tree, and the phosphate ions in the solution that is added at the base of the tree and which is drawn upwards by capillary action. A colourful example of this type of chemical reaction €1.50 (+ €1.65 postage)

Colour-changing duck
Made of a thermochromic material, these change colour when put into hot water. These nicely illustrate the phenomenon, and also are amusing to children when having a bath! €1.50 (+€1.20 postage)

‘Conducting’ Ducks
These are the current equivalent of the conducting ping-pong ball of some years ago. When the two terminals under the duck are connected (even by a chain of pupils in series), the duck lights up, in a variety of colours. Useful for electric circuits and body conductivity. €2 (+ €1.20 postage).

Magnetic Sculptures
A sort of a building set using ball-bearings or steel nuts, which can be built upwards because of a strong magnet in the base of the item. A useful and fun application of magnetism

Disco Glide Ball
When these balls are bounced, the bounce activates a switch and the ‘spots’ light up with a multitude of changing colours. €2.50 (+€2.70 postage)